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Dr. Schüssler Mineral Salts

It was first discovered by Dr. Wilhelm Heinreich  Schüssler. Dr. Schüssler believed that many diseases are based on mineral deficiencies in the body’s cells. He thought that diseases emerged when the mineral stores in the body deteriorated.

This is why he worked on the cremated ashes of dead people. The basic principle on which Dr. Schüssler bases his theory is that the remains collected from the cremated human bodies consist of 12 basic substances.

From these findings, Dr. Schüssler theorized that the 12 salts (tissue minerals) left over from burnt tissues are responsible and necessary for the harmonious functioning of the human organism. Biochemic Therapeuhies is the name of the basic idea he put forward. So  the structure and vitality of the body’s organs depend on the required amount of its own organic components.

Minerals form the material basis of organs and tissues in the body.

Schüssler realized that the minerals the body needs are in balance. He observed that if any of these minerals is missing, there is disease in the tissues.

As the missing minerals in the tissues were replenished and stored, the imbalance was corrected and therefore the disease was treated.

Schüssler salts are inorganic substances that make up our bodies. Their difference from normal salts and minerals is that they are produced in a homeopathic way.

Schüssler salts play an active role in all intracellular and extracellular metabolic processes in the body. In addition to 12 main functional salts, there are 21 auxiliary trace element salts.

If they are not found in sufficient amount, there may be a predisposition to pathological processes since the basic functions of the body cannot be performed ideally.

Schüssler salts provide homeostasis by meeting mineral needs in acute situations.

Schüssler salts support treatment and therapy processes as they play a role in body functions rather than being a treatment method.

Cell salt therapy is based on adding to the body what it lacks and wants. There is suppression in treatment with drugs and other chemicals. As opposed to suppression, substitution treatment is performed with Schüssler minerals.

Medicines do not replace the missing cell nutrients, instead they eventually intensify the problem and bring back harmful chemicals

SCHUSSLER is a biochemical function tool. It is an effective supportive treatment method used in alternative medicine.

Schüssler salts are produced according to the homeopathic medicine book HAB. They are prepared at dilution strength of D6 and D12 potencies

Many Schüssler salts have homeopathic potential. While increasing the basic energy of the substance during the potentiation process, they also reduce the dosage amount.

Schüssler salts are micromolecules. At the same time, those who have absorption problems in normal macro mineral molecules achieve more successful results when they use these salts as an addition.

SCHÜSSLER’s basic principle is; It is given by making FACE ANALYSIS. However, it can also be given acutely, depending on the indication and symptom. Safely and gently with Schüssler salts, our body’s self-healing power is induced with virtually no side effects.

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